Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grandma will love these photos!

We got together last night for Kylee's birthday dinner and went bowling after. Of course, I just started snapping pics. Saren is posing with Sam's girlfriend, Whitney. We just love her! She hangs out with us even if Sam isn't around. We are hoping she stays around forever! Fun fact about her is that she is a lefty in everything she does except writing.
Bryce and Kelsie are so beautiful together. I want to say beautiful people suck but these two are super sweet and fun to be with. We all love her cute new bob.
The cutie with Troy is his new girlfriend, Melisa. She is a social worker that works with kids and families in their homes. She saw Troy at a Chinese restraunt and had the waiter slip him a note with her number. They have been hanging out ever since. Troy has been so cute with her. He and Bryce went and bought some new clothes to improve Troys usually more gruff atire. Jake and Ty have been relentlessly teasing Troy. T and M walked in last night to the dinner holding hands. My mom seriously cant stop talking about it. The woman calls me just to chit chat about it. I love it!
Now not to impress all of you, but I put the picture of the bowling game because I beat everyone there!! Yes, yes.. scoring my all time high of 180. I would like to thank the amazing number 10 bowling ball, my husband, and brunswick lanes! Thanks!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Temple Time

So we headed to the Draper Temple open house last Friday. We started at our house with pork sandwiches, corn and salad with oreo cake desert. Then we were herded for an hour at the church in and out of rooms. We watched a really good video on Draper History and temples. We then loaded up in buses up to the temple. It was absolutely beautiful. Upon asking Ty (my sister's husband) how he felt that night about his temple experience, he was speechless:) Jake and I are pumped to have the temple a few minutes away from our house! It was a night of good food, good company and spiritual enrichment. We are truely blessed.


Last night, we went over to the Crowley's house to say welcome home to my cousin Adam. He looks awesomely shell shocked:) It was fun talking with him in Spanish. Jake and he were gabbing and gabbing about the food and people since their missions bordered each other. I gabbed and gabbed with Beck a boo and her wee one Julia. Becky is one of my favorite people in this world. She is just lovely in all ways. She moved up to Canada with her husband while he is finishing school. Jake and I are going to visit them in April!
P.S. Adam is the huge one next to me... we don't know where he came from:)

Here She Comes

Kylee is a junior at Alta High and of course is a brainiac. She actually skipped a grade, and will be turning sweet 16 next wednesday. She informed me that there is a LDS highschool hangout downtown where she is throwing her birthday bash. Jake and I already have plans to sneak in. Kylee says there are bouncers so Jake and I will have to pull out our super ninja moves to get in... should be interesting. It will probably end up like the time bengar got stuck on the shelley's fence while trying to escape being caught. I wonder if Ashley's fiance knows about that one hmmm.... Anyhow- yes boys - the cute chocolate sass known as my sister can officially date next week!!! The prize will go to the highest bidder!!! Love you Kylee!! Smoochers:)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just Remembering...

So my Dad, Mom, Sister (Saren) and Best Friend (Kristie) came to pick me up from my mission. These are the pictures Kristie took. The people there are very poor. They are actually the second poorest country in South America. One of the pictures is the puppet show that Hermana Erickson (Deann) and I put on for the health clinics. Another shows a typical food there called Majadito. It consists of fried eggs, fried bananas, tomatoes and creamy rice. The picture of the chickens are actually the dirt road outside of my house, and yes that is green water and trash.


So this is one of my companions I served with in the Santa Cruz, Bolivia mission. We were together for 6 months! Yes, Yes my friends. We were planning each others murders by the end. We had such a good time though. This is the lady that I was kidnapped with for all of you that have heard that story. She was also what they called my hijita (daughter). I raised her to be the woman that she was in the mission field:) We were together that long because we were actually serving as nurses. We set up health clinics at various locations in our mission. We loved every second of it. The people of Bolivia were so loving and just wanted to be taught to live better lives spiritually and temporally.
For all of you Saturday Warrior Fans -- picture 11 pm in bed in your jammies with a newly found friend on the single bed next to you singing at the top of your lungs together in unison "JIMMY oh JIMMY DONT LISTEN TO THEM......"
I love you Deann y felicitationes con todo!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Reel 'Em in and then Ship 'Em Out

Yoshi and Mika got groomed today. I tried a new place out, and they did a really good job on the Schnauzer cut. The funny thing is that when I went to pay, the lady said $35 for Mika and $40 for Yoshi. I inquired why, and she said she would have to go and ask the groomer. I overheard their conversation as the groomer stated, "because that dog was a brat!" I went to go and talk to the groomer and she said that Yoshi got a "bad dog fee" of $5 bucks because he didn't like to be groomed. Uhhhmmm.... okay. When I told Jake that story he petted Yoshi and said, "That's my Boy!" We have some real ideal parenting skills at the Cavanaugh home:) My Mom thought that was a great story, and was doing the pee pee dance laughing so hard about it.

Flowers are Denae's best friend

I don't know if all guys are like this but when Jake sees a problem, he wants to fix it. I was having a down day due to that time of the month, and Jake came home and surprised me with these delectibles. Yum Yum. I love edible arrangements! Especially the chocolate dipped bananas. I would have to say problem solved! Thanks Sweetie!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have been amazed at what good friends these two are. Jake actually met Moke before I did. I was still in Bolivia when Moke was adopted into our family. My family sent me out a picture of these two. Where Jake is , Moke is. We are hoping that Moke grows up and wants to be a professional soccer player. Jake and I will take all the credit:) Go BYU!

Moke's favorite things to do: play soccer, golf, tennis, baseball, football and wrestle. He enjoys drumming and singing. He dances whenever he hears a beat. He likes to remind all to "BE NICE." He loves to pose for pictures, be thrown in the air and twirl. He is an avid swimmer of the pool and a jumper of the trampoline. And all who have met Moke knows he loves to laugh!


"What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies."
- Aristotle

This is my Bestfriend Kristie..... yes we do everything together and no we are not sisters. We have known each other since infancy. Ran away from Joy School together. Got pictures when we were 5 in the same outfits and mushroom haircuts. When I moved away to Utah, Kristie and I would take turns visiting each other in the summers. We would write letters to each other of life events and of course BOYS! We went away to college together at SUU. Man did we have a lot of fun. I'll admit some was illegal, and yes the cops did come to our house to give us the breath-a-lizer :) No worries it was all a big misunderstanding:) We both went on to get our degrees in the medical world. Hers in Dental Hygiene and mine in Nursing. We both got married a year apart to two awesome guys.
Things we like to do or will do someday:
1) bungee jump from bridges that a drunk guy rigged up
2) eat a lot of soft serve yogurt
3) eat a lot of candy
4) wear eachothers clothes do the point of mortal combat
5) dance dance dance
6) stay in shape
7) cruise the mediterranean
8) have babies around the same time and have them marry:)
10) watch dumb and dumber
11) have deep conversations about life
12) play hand and foot
13) layout on the beach
14) be hot mamas who live in beach houses
15) eat thai food
16) hang out with family
17) kiss ( husbands only now:)
18) ride the "big banana"
19) be warm
20) take pictures