Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's All Good Baby

I took this picture for Kristie since she hasn't seen me since I started "poking out." Pregnancy has been one of the weirdest things for me. Now people will ask what I'm having and when I am due... telling the boss was so fun, as well, I might add. He called me into his office and started out like this.... no joking... "Um, I don't usually ask women this but....... are you pregnant???" I said, "yes." He said, " Oh good because if you weren't, that is really embarrassing!" Ha, Ha... so I've put on a little weight. Moke told me the other day my butt and my arms are fat. I was dying laughing... little kids just tell it how it is!!! We cannot wait for our little man to be here. His latest thing is trying to bust out of my stomach with the head butt ninja kick. It hurts!!!
We just finished our Hypnobabies class. It was a six week long program that was awesome. I learned so much about my body, and how amazing the whole pregnancy/birthing experience is. Jake and I liked the class, as well, because it is super bonding. The class ended this past Monday and Jake declared it as, "The Best Christmas Present Ever." Ha ha!! Even though it was an exceptional class... Jake and 3 hours of talking about babies\birthing got very interesting. He brought up all sort of different topics to circumcision to perineal massage to lactation. Jake and the instructor made such good friends, that she is framing him a Hypnobabies Certificate for graduating the class.
Today I just entered into my third trimester! It is so weird because looking back, I can say that I could do this again, but while I was in my first trimester, Jake and I were contemplating having only one child :) I feel so blessed to be able to pregnant, even with all of its trials.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's a Boy!!

We went to Fetal Fotos over the weekend, and had a really good experience. We found out that we are having a baby boy, and that everything looks super healthy! We went to my midwife this afternoon for my regular check up, and had her inspect the pictures. She said they looked great. It is so fun to see how fast he is growing. My midwife said that it is usually longer for first time moms to feel the baby move because we chalk it up to gas or cramps. I thought that was funny. So if I start complaining of those symptoms maybe just suggest to me it is my baby moving:) I honestly thought I was having a girl, but I did dream about having a boy...... I am just super happy that we are having a healthy baby, and Jake got the boy he wanted. He did call it from day one:) He said he wants a boy so he can build forts and play sports with?? Ha Ha

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My eggo is preggo

So I have realized that being pregnant is different than I thought. My brother, Troy, was funny about it when he said, " I thought you would be the strongest of all the girls!" HA HA. I am a wimp!! Being nauseous all the time is not my forte!!! But this is exciting! I'm excited. Jake is excited! I am coming up on 13 weeks, and my midwife says everything looks great!! Thanks for everyone's love and support!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

BaBy NoAh

Baby Noah is the cutest baby!! From the time I met him, I knew that I would spoil this kid. He was a big kid to start out with and keeps on gaining. He has gotten a little colicky, but Saren has been doing really well with him. We have been walking in the mornings with this little guy, and just hanging out. He is starting to wake up a little bit more. I'm pretty sure his first word will be, "Nae Nae."

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yuba What??

So I wouldn't say this was my favorite vacation of all year because of the following:

  1. This is our family boat trip each year and Jake and I had to leave early so I could head out to good 'ol Ohio for my new job training.
  2. The Sand
  3. The Wind
  4. The Heat
  6. Jake and I popped a tire on our friend Frank's very nice four wheeler
  7. I burned the tops of my feet
  8. We couldn't sleep because of the wind and sand in our mouths (yuck)
  9. Jake (aka Bear Grills) stayed up all night freaking out wanting to go home due to the extreme weather conditions... I have never seen him like that... i laughed really hard
  10. I guess after we left, the whole family had to leave due to a huge sand storm. It actually threw Ty off his feet.

We did have some good laughs though.....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Saren's Ward Baby Shower

So the cutest gal in my ward, named Molly, came over with her daughter and decorated my house for Saren's ward baby shower. Her maiden name is Zurcher, so lets just say she has access to a lot of party supplies. Well, lucky me, for a stay at home mom, she has a blog that shows people how to decorate for parties. This month fell on a baby boy shower for her..... so she asked if she could decorate... it turned out so cute! Thanks Molly. Her daughter is in these pictures due to the fact that she is one of the prettiest babies I have seen. I cant believe baby Noah is almost here! I am so excited. I take off for my training in Ohio on Sunday and wont be back until the 24th. Saren is due the 26th. Cutting it a little close aren't we Nae Nae????

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jake my Man

Jake is so good with kids. He was reading with them "Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar" for about an hour. He was going into different voices and started adding our family members into the book. Moke and Ashley were laughing hysterically as my mom and I giggled with them. He then proceeded to do the "train" with the kids on the blanket being pulled around the house. To finish the night, everyone got chocolate milk sippies and headed off to bed to play some more. I married so well :) Lucky me and lucky Moke, Ashley and Gabba Gails.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Estan Desnudos!

Saren and I babysat the kids while the big dogs (daddy and mommy) went out to make all the money :) We had such a good time. Saren usually takes care of the kids herself since she works for Capital, but she is getting so big with baby Noah that she has a hard time running after them. So the big sister came to the rescue! We found this small pool under the deck, and thought that it would be fun for the kiddos. After Nae Nae's trips to get hot water from the sink, we all settled in for quite the treat. Moke, of course, is making his funny faces, and Gabby is so cute you could eat her!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

I am so Blessed! I got a job offer to work from home Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 5; no weekends; paid holidays.... this is every nurse's dream... I can actually feel okay with myself when I am sick because it is not life and death situations if I don't show up to work. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I have learned not to put my strength in my own hands, but to have faith. Even when I felt it was hopeless. Things just worked out. I am glad for my trial, but honestly hope no one has to go through being layed off. Not a good feeling. YEAH DENAE!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

He Did It!

Yes, friends, Jake graduated. He is a Graduator!! He graduated in Sociology at BYU. He has been throwing words around like socioeconomic status and demographics for years now. It will be nice not having to worry about school for awhile. Jake's goal is to go back and get his MBA, but as of right now he will have to settle for mowing the lawn and wiping the counters. Yes, friends, Nae Nae has already started a "To Do" list for him to do. I am a lovely wife, I know, hold the applause. Way to go Jake! He worked so hard for this. All those years of pain and anguish!! He actually went to school at nights and worked full time during the day.... maybe that is why we are still barren ha ha!!

Nothing Like It!

My little friend, Desmond, and I spent a morning together when all the other babysitters were working. This is one advantage, I would have to say, of being layed off. Now, I do not recommend it to everyone, but I do recommend spending as much time with babies, bulb syringes, water and a sink. A very fun combo!!