Sunday, October 16, 2011

Run Forrest, Run!!

I've decided to hit the pavement. Yes, I never thought I could do it, but I am going to run a half marathon in a couple weeks. I first would like to blame my old walking partner, Molly, who moved to Cali (without me) and so I started being desperate to keep in shape. Second, Joci, for "pumping me up" saying that I could do it! She texted me daily until I signed up;) and Thirdly, Jake for telling me that, "Wow, Denae, you are looking skinny!) If that doesn't give a girl motivation, Im not sure what could!! Putting all blame aside (because I actually adore all the blamees :) I feel great! On Saturday I ran 9.5 miles and wanted to go longer... I was thinking to myself while running thoughts like... "Am I seriously doing this?" and "Man, no wonder people love to run!"
So I am really excited to run it. It is called the Halloween Half Marathon and it is October 29th. I am just hoping to finish.... but at the same time want to beat everyone and finish first place haha!Right??!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It is time

It is time to update our blog! I thought that I would show what we have been doing over the summer. As with anyone with little ones.. we pretty much do what he wants to do! And have a great time at it of course! With a kid, I feel like more social circles open up. One due to Isaac always having to be in the middle of any and everything. We are outside constantly... Im starting to call it, "park hopping." So if there is any cool parks we need to hit please let us know ;-) Isaacs favorite things to do is run, not walk... play with his cousins, go to the aquarium, go to Airborne (a trampoline place), go on walks/jogs, he loved the beach house, and watch little einsteins. He starting to like barney and sesame street but usually ends up back to little einsteins.... i love it. He is getting to know things in picture books. Thanks to little einsteins, he knows what a violin is and points to it when asked. Its adorable. He is also learning to talk!

Jake is over half way done with his MBA. He went through the summer and we both agree that it is a burnout to go through the summer... but to be done early is just so so tempting. Plus he would be able to stay with the group he started with. He will graduate in May of next year. One exciting thing that happened is that he is now officially part owner in Utah Truffles! YUM. He worked really hard at getting all the logistics together for it. Im really proud of him.

Now to me... I am really enjoying being a mom. I really had a great summer and am continuing to love the fall season. Utah is my favorite in the fall. My mom and I have started a little side business this summer (details to be revealed soon) and I am loving to get to know her better. We laugh a lot and have a great time. This year has flown by!! Its almost October!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oils Oils Everywhere

I have grown up with oils. My mom, since I was a wee baren, has used oils. I am not talking about vegetable oil or coconut oil, but essential oils such as lavender, melaleuca, peppermint. The tradition has stayed with me. Those smells remind me of my mom and her love for me. I remember using the oils on my mission and getting way homesick. Now as a mother myself, I find myself calling my mom and asking, Isaac has this or Isaac has that... what oils should I use??? As I have studied it and used the oils more, I have become fascinated. This stuff is cool. Way cool. Oils not only can help an ailing child but with issues such as migraines, muscle aches, infertility, morning sickness, warts (yes, warts), to water purification and weightloss. In fact, my mom has lost 7 pounds (not any that were needed and yes it makes me jealous that she is skinner than I). I actually have lost 3, but Im still breastfeeding and am not watching my diet to much. My mom has felt the need to give back to her community, and has started having classes at her house every Wednesday night to teach about oils and their functions. I go every time just to learn more about it. I constantly am thinking about it.... its like oils oils everywhere for me right now. I've had to make a conscious effort to stop talking about it to my walking partner due to the fact that I think she might whack me upside the head one day and say, "Enough Already!!" Im Sorryyyy!! Anyways, if it is something that interests you come and over and listen to my mom, the oil queen, fix life's problems.... but beware.. then you too might start to see oils oils everywhere!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family pics check

These are a few samples of the pictures we took at Fotofly for Isaac's one year. I hated every second of it, but its done. We did it. We got some really cute pics. Check.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Isaac completes one year

Really?? I cant believe it has been a year! I would say that this year has been the biggest growth for me, personally. Being a mom has made me a better person. It has opened my eyes to a different level. It has made me want to be a more kind person, and more helpful to others. My biggest accomplishment would have to be how deep I have learned to love. For Isaac, I would say he has determination. Never say never for this guy... crawl.. sure, why not? Walk.. sure, if I have to. This kid is always on the go! He is such a joy in our lives, but really where did he come from? A good friend of ours asked, "Jake, who is your stepson?!" Haha. Orange hair, green- eyed asian baby. Why not?? For Jake, let's just say I think the shock has finally worn off. He loves being a dad. I remember when I was pregnant, he would say, " I can't wait until I come home from work, and my son runs to the door and says, "Daddy!"" Isaac freaks when his papa gets home. Shrieking, laughing, holding his hands out.... so so cute!! I just feel so blessed. For his birthday, we just had a quiet party. I was so excited for him to dig into the cupcakes I bought... Oh no.. He was not having it. He hated it. No cupcakes mom, no pictures mom, no singing mom, no smiling... so funny. We were dying. We love you Izzy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays

Isaac is just shy of 10 months. We are excited to go into a new year! This one has been difficult at times, but looking back I've noticed that I have grown so much!! (I'm not just talking weight he he) Cheers to the New Year!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This and That

Here are a few pics of what we have been doing this summer. We basically have been hanging out! Isaac is almost 7 months! His favorite color is red. He is now eating some solids. He hates avocados, watermelon and rolls. He loves bananas, peaches and apples. He is so close to crawling!! He loves to jump and chew on bath toys. But most above all he loves to flirt!! Look out ladies!!