Sunday, October 16, 2011

Run Forrest, Run!!

I've decided to hit the pavement. Yes, I never thought I could do it, but I am going to run a half marathon in a couple weeks. I first would like to blame my old walking partner, Molly, who moved to Cali (without me) and so I started being desperate to keep in shape. Second, Joci, for "pumping me up" saying that I could do it! She texted me daily until I signed up;) and Thirdly, Jake for telling me that, "Wow, Denae, you are looking skinny!) If that doesn't give a girl motivation, Im not sure what could!! Putting all blame aside (because I actually adore all the blamees :) I feel great! On Saturday I ran 9.5 miles and wanted to go longer... I was thinking to myself while running thoughts like... "Am I seriously doing this?" and "Man, no wonder people love to run!"
So I am really excited to run it. It is called the Halloween Half Marathon and it is October 29th. I am just hoping to finish.... but at the same time want to beat everyone and finish first place haha!Right??!!