Saturday, February 28, 2009

A birthday to remember

So I want to thank everyone for such a fun night!! There is nothing like good company with some good food. Thanks Mama for the Crowley tacos, frog eye salad, balloons and cake. For the record, we had a four way tie for the ugliest sweater. Thanks to Jake, Sam, Ty and Kylee for gracing us with your extreme ugliness. We had a gift card to give out... but in four ways.. do you guys just want like 2 dollars?? Let me know :) Who knew we were going to get dinner and a show.... A special thanks to Ty and Sam for the "Boys are Back" rendition from High School Musical Three. It was so close to the real thing...... :) We played "Murder in the dark", and ended the night with a killer game of Family Feud. As folks were leaving, we karaoked to "I got you Babe", "You've Lost That Loving Feeling", and "Danny's Song". I had such a wonderful time! One of my favorite parts of the night was Jake surprising me with a road bike! This is a birthday to remember.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So these photos have no particular order. What happened is we thought we lost our camera charger in Peru, but we found it the other day in some luggage. Que Milagro!! So here are some pics from that disk. It has our cruise to the Bahamas, Derek and Hilary's wedding, Kristie's wedding, our Peru trip, Kristie's engagement, Mika puppy pictures, Newport Beach, Troy and Jake fixing our sprinklers, Kylee's deputant ball, Ricky's Wedding and random family pics. Something to note, the rubble picture was actually were Jake used to shower on his mission in Ica, Peru. That area really got hit by the earthquake there 2 years ago. The picture with Joci was at the David Archuleta party at Murray Highschool (yes, we are Archies!) The pic of Jake and I with snowboards is actually on a sand hill that let me tell you did not end well :) One of the pics you cant tell what I am eating, but it is coconut that this native in the Bahamas fed to me that I was a little hesitant on. The other of me is lighting candles at the top of this huge hill with a cross on it in Peru. It was to give me good luck. Has anyone been on the cruise with the whole life jacket routine?... jake and I about passed out.. they show you what to do in case of an emergency and you have life jackets on and big people and b.o... not a good combo.