Friday, March 11, 2011

Isaac completes one year

Really?? I cant believe it has been a year! I would say that this year has been the biggest growth for me, personally. Being a mom has made me a better person. It has opened my eyes to a different level. It has made me want to be a more kind person, and more helpful to others. My biggest accomplishment would have to be how deep I have learned to love. For Isaac, I would say he has determination. Never say never for this guy... crawl.. sure, why not? Walk.. sure, if I have to. This kid is always on the go! He is such a joy in our lives, but really where did he come from? A good friend of ours asked, "Jake, who is your stepson?!" Haha. Orange hair, green- eyed asian baby. Why not?? For Jake, let's just say I think the shock has finally worn off. He loves being a dad. I remember when I was pregnant, he would say, " I can't wait until I come home from work, and my son runs to the door and says, "Daddy!"" Isaac freaks when his papa gets home. Shrieking, laughing, holding his hands out.... so so cute!! I just feel so blessed. For his birthday, we just had a quiet party. I was so excited for him to dig into the cupcakes I bought... Oh no.. He was not having it. He hated it. No cupcakes mom, no pictures mom, no singing mom, no smiling... so funny. We were dying. We love you Izzy!