Sunday, September 25, 2011

It is time

It is time to update our blog! I thought that I would show what we have been doing over the summer. As with anyone with little ones.. we pretty much do what he wants to do! And have a great time at it of course! With a kid, I feel like more social circles open up. One due to Isaac always having to be in the middle of any and everything. We are outside constantly... Im starting to call it, "park hopping." So if there is any cool parks we need to hit please let us know ;-) Isaacs favorite things to do is run, not walk... play with his cousins, go to the aquarium, go to Airborne (a trampoline place), go on walks/jogs, he loved the beach house, and watch little einsteins. He starting to like barney and sesame street but usually ends up back to little einsteins.... i love it. He is getting to know things in picture books. Thanks to little einsteins, he knows what a violin is and points to it when asked. Its adorable. He is also learning to talk!

Jake is over half way done with his MBA. He went through the summer and we both agree that it is a burnout to go through the summer... but to be done early is just so so tempting. Plus he would be able to stay with the group he started with. He will graduate in May of next year. One exciting thing that happened is that he is now officially part owner in Utah Truffles! YUM. He worked really hard at getting all the logistics together for it. Im really proud of him.

Now to me... I am really enjoying being a mom. I really had a great summer and am continuing to love the fall season. Utah is my favorite in the fall. My mom and I have started a little side business this summer (details to be revealed soon) and I am loving to get to know her better. We laugh a lot and have a great time. This year has flown by!! Its almost October!