Thursday, June 25, 2009

Estan Desnudos!

Saren and I babysat the kids while the big dogs (daddy and mommy) went out to make all the money :) We had such a good time. Saren usually takes care of the kids herself since she works for Capital, but she is getting so big with baby Noah that she has a hard time running after them. So the big sister came to the rescue! We found this small pool under the deck, and thought that it would be fun for the kiddos. After Nae Nae's trips to get hot water from the sink, we all settled in for quite the treat. Moke, of course, is making his funny faces, and Gabby is so cute you could eat her!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

I am so Blessed! I got a job offer to work from home Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 5; no weekends; paid holidays.... this is every nurse's dream... I can actually feel okay with myself when I am sick because it is not life and death situations if I don't show up to work. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I have learned not to put my strength in my own hands, but to have faith. Even when I felt it was hopeless. Things just worked out. I am glad for my trial, but honestly hope no one has to go through being layed off. Not a good feeling. YEAH DENAE!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

He Did It!

Yes, friends, Jake graduated. He is a Graduator!! He graduated in Sociology at BYU. He has been throwing words around like socioeconomic status and demographics for years now. It will be nice not having to worry about school for awhile. Jake's goal is to go back and get his MBA, but as of right now he will have to settle for mowing the lawn and wiping the counters. Yes, friends, Nae Nae has already started a "To Do" list for him to do. I am a lovely wife, I know, hold the applause. Way to go Jake! He worked so hard for this. All those years of pain and anguish!! He actually went to school at nights and worked full time during the day.... maybe that is why we are still barren ha ha!!

Nothing Like It!

My little friend, Desmond, and I spent a morning together when all the other babysitters were working. This is one advantage, I would have to say, of being layed off. Now, I do not recommend it to everyone, but I do recommend spending as much time with babies, bulb syringes, water and a sink. A very fun combo!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Two Year Mark To Remember

Well we made it this far... might as well keep going I guess!! To be honest I never thought I could be so happy. My Dad gave us some good advice before we got married... "It is not going to be like Disneyland everyday!" I agree, but I think the key ingredient is that you have each other. I really indeed married my best friend. He is so supportive and as Jake says it, " Has gotten used to girls and their sensitive ways!" I asked Jake this morning how he always stays so positive because truely he is. He said it was because he has such a great married life. Now isn't that adorable ladies??!! I am not sure how I got so lucky with the blessing of marrying Jake. He is the perfect match for me.

So yesterday on our anniversary, Jake and I, let's say, were not at Disneyland. I got laid off at my job. Yes, folks, even nurses are having trouble in this economy. It is so unstable! I was even their senior RN! I appreciate all the help and support everyone has been with this. I have felt super loved. What I should have done in retrospect was just have gotten out of this job more quickly. I stayed in for the money, and the love I had for my patients. I think last night summed it up when I had a dream about spiders. I am a big believer in dreams. My dream entailed spiders that were coming after me and I killed them. Upon researching what spiders mean in dreams I found out that:
Spider/Spiders: Deceit, a web of lies. Ask yourself who around you may not be trustworthy. Spiders can also mean someone or something is "bugging" you to the point that you are feeling trapped, just as a spider uses its web to trap its prey.

The fact that I was killing them means:
Killing/Killed: If you are doing the killing then there is a need or desire to kill off, to put an end to something in your life such as a relationship, a behavior, a situation, etc.

All in all this was not the path I needed to be on! I would really like to work for a job that appreciated me and that I enjoy! So anyone reading this... I am looking for work!!! Specialties: Diabetes, Nursery\NICU, and preventative health.