Friday, March 11, 2011

Isaac completes one year

Really?? I cant believe it has been a year! I would say that this year has been the biggest growth for me, personally. Being a mom has made me a better person. It has opened my eyes to a different level. It has made me want to be a more kind person, and more helpful to others. My biggest accomplishment would have to be how deep I have learned to love. For Isaac, I would say he has determination. Never say never for this guy... crawl.. sure, why not? Walk.. sure, if I have to. This kid is always on the go! He is such a joy in our lives, but really where did he come from? A good friend of ours asked, "Jake, who is your stepson?!" Haha. Orange hair, green- eyed asian baby. Why not?? For Jake, let's just say I think the shock has finally worn off. He loves being a dad. I remember when I was pregnant, he would say, " I can't wait until I come home from work, and my son runs to the door and says, "Daddy!"" Isaac freaks when his papa gets home. Shrieking, laughing, holding his hands out.... so so cute!! I just feel so blessed. For his birthday, we just had a quiet party. I was so excited for him to dig into the cupcakes I bought... Oh no.. He was not having it. He hated it. No cupcakes mom, no pictures mom, no singing mom, no smiling... so funny. We were dying. We love you Izzy!


  1. He can't be one yet! Seems like you just had him! We can't wait to "officially" meet him this summer! Can not WAIT!!! Happy Birthday little dude!

    Paul, Jaime and Crew

  2. What a cutie! I can take your family pics while you're in Cali. That would be fun. Just let me know when you are coming.