Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oils Oils Everywhere

I have grown up with oils. My mom, since I was a wee baren, has used oils. I am not talking about vegetable oil or coconut oil, but essential oils such as lavender, melaleuca, peppermint. The tradition has stayed with me. Those smells remind me of my mom and her love for me. I remember using the oils on my mission and getting way homesick. Now as a mother myself, I find myself calling my mom and asking, Isaac has this or Isaac has that... what oils should I use??? As I have studied it and used the oils more, I have become fascinated. This stuff is cool. Way cool. Oils not only can help an ailing child but with issues such as migraines, muscle aches, infertility, morning sickness, warts (yes, warts), to water purification and weightloss. In fact, my mom has lost 7 pounds (not any that were needed and yes it makes me jealous that she is skinner than I). I actually have lost 3, but Im still breastfeeding and am not watching my diet to much. My mom has felt the need to give back to her community, and has started having classes at her house every Wednesday night to teach about oils and their functions. I go every time just to learn more about it. I constantly am thinking about it.... its like oils oils everywhere for me right now. I've had to make a conscious effort to stop talking about it to my walking partner due to the fact that I think she might whack me upside the head one day and say, "Enough Already!!" Im Sorryyyy!! Anyways, if it is something that interests you come and over and listen to my mom, the oil queen, fix life's problems.... but beware.. then you too might start to see oils oils everywhere!!

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  1. Hey Denae! I wish I knew more and had known more about oils when my kids were little. Probably would have saved me many trips to the Dr. Does your mom use DoTerrra oils? I haven't ever used oils but have been wanting to learn for a long time now! Your family pictures are so cute and I can't believe how big Isaac is! I can not wait to finally meet him this summer. Love you guys!

    ps... you are super skinny you loose any weight and you will blow away in the wind!